A Superb Online Photo Library That's Completely Free


When you're creating a web site, newsletter or document, a carefully-chosen picture or 2 can really make the difference between something that looks OK and something that looks highly professional.  But where can you find those pictures?

One option is just to do a Google Images search.  Trouble is, the pictures aren't always that good.  And even if they are, taking an image from someone else's web site and using it for your own purposes is no more legitimate than software piracy.

Another option is to sign up online with a commercial image library.  But they're often expensive.  Thankfully, though, there's a handful of excellent online image libraries which are both top-quality and completely free.

One of the best is www.sxc.hu, which has been around for a number of years and which was recently acquired by Getty Images.  The site continues to go from strength to strength, and now boasts almost 400,000 pictures.  Most are in stunningly high resolution, and all are free to download and use in your own projects.  Just remember to check out the licence agreement for each picture that you use, as some require a link or credit for the photographer.



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