My Favourite Ad Blocker. Now Open Source Too.


Ghostery ad blockerI use an ad-blocker on my web browser. Not only does it block most ads, it also means that pages load much faster.

My ad blocker of choice has always been Ghostery. It works, and that's pretty much all I look for in such a program.

Yesterday the company behind Ghostery announced that it was now officially an open source application. So as well as using it to block ads, you can also study how it works. Or you can even create your own customised version.

You'll find the browser add-on at To read more about the announcement, and to download the source code from Github, start at





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. Ghostery is effective, light on resources and unobtrusive. I took my other ad blockers off.

Thanks for your input sirpaul2
It still doesn't work for my Pale Moon Version: 27.8.1 (64-bit)
I tried Ghostery v.5.4.10 (or earlier) and all the earlier versions too - nada!

no conflict at all! i use ghostery, ublock origin, https everywhere and disconnect all togeather. No conflicts.

Have been using Ghostery for a while and it seems to be doing a good job. But I wonder if it can conflict with other ad blockers, such as Adblock Plus and Privacy Badger operating at the same time.

Have been using Ghostery on all of my browsers, even the Cliqz, for years and have found nothing better. I like that I can block some sites and other sites can be left open to some ads. I do surveys which include reviewing some ads. Some surveys are also run by some ad sites so I have to have access in order to do them. First learned about Ghostery from Gizmo...

Oops! Pale Moon refuses?! :-(

For use with Pale Moon, open Mozilla's add-on website > search for Ghostery > go to page 2 and scroll down to download/install v.5.4.10 (or earlier).

This is great news! IMHO Ghostery was always the best Ad-blocker around - and then it went commercial! :-(

Thanks rob !....
does it also block YouTube adds ?

Thank you - it looks like a useful alternative so I'll give it a whirl...