A Must-Have Android Tool To Make Multitasking Easier And Smoother

Floating Apps Source: Floating Apps

On mobile devices, Android supports multitasking with two apps running side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode. Other than this, the system shows your app in full-screen mode, while keeping other active or opened apps in the background.

This works quite differently from the way the desktop systems handle several opened apps that can be shown at the same time in floating windows or overlaid on each other, making multitasking a lot easier.

The good news is that the Play Store has several apps that can enhance multitasking on Android mobiles and keep opened apps more accessible right in front of you. One of such remarkable apps is Floating Apps.

Install this and you can open frequently used apps in resizable floating windows or minimize them into floating icons so that they are convenient to switch from one to another without leaving the app that you are just working with.

Whether you need to add a note, do a calculation, or keep listening to YouTube music while you are reading WhatsApp messages or surfing the Web, this is a must-have tool to make the flow of multitasking seamless and painless.

Floating AppsFloating Apps


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Thanks Jojo,
that's just what I've been wanting for a long time...perfect !

Welcome warra, glad that you like this utility app.