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Musixmatch Lyrics

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Huge database of lyrics, play and find lyrics.
Some lyrics may not be available, Internet connection required for accessing lyrics, does not support local lyrics.

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Upon first running, Musixmatch scans your music files on your device and makes them easily available from "My Music" of the app with just a tap away. When a song is played back with the app, it accesses the catalog online and displays the synced lyrics on the screen, either in a few lines or in full screen at your choice.

Finding a new song is also easy. Besides using the Search button to type and look for a song, you can also point your device towards where music is playing. In a few seconds depending on your Internet connection, the built-in MusicID is smart enough to identify through the microphone what that music is, complete with all necessary music information or the lyrics you need.

Even when you're playing music in another app, Musixmatch can alert you when it has found lyrics to the music you're playing. It also works closely with the Spotify app reviewed at the Free Mobile App of the Week.

What's more, with a selected music file, you can load metadata including cover art, album name, artist name and genre from the catalog, edit any of them and save back to your music files for offline access. While playing a song, you can fine tune the sound effects with a graphical equalizer with presets, user adjustable bass, mid and treble keys, bass boost and 3D effect knobs.

Even though the player isn't made to be a full-featured music player, Musixmatch does its best when it comes to empowering your songs with lyrics. Unfortunately some good features, such as the Chart in the iOS version, have not been made available in all platforms at the same time.


Musixmatch Lyrics - Empower Your Songs With Lyrics

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