MusicBee Built-in Tag Editor


MusicBee Built-in Tag Editor

A built-in music tagger as good as a standalone tag editor.


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Auto tag by albums or tracks; look up album arts, lyrics and other tags from the web and save them into files; supports multiple images, unsynced and synced lyrics.
Tag editor must run with the player.

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MusicBee is a music player and organizer with a built-in tagger which is as good as a standalone tag editor.

It allows you to auto tag by albums or tracks, look up album arts, lyrics and other tag info from the web, save tags and embed lyrics and multiple images into the music files in your collection.

The tag editor is easy and handy to use, with rich features. Besides the unsynchronised lyrics tag, it even supports the synchronised lyrics tag, which is even not found in some other well rated tag editors. After all, the MusicBee player supports highlighting lyrics line by line in sync with the song when it's being played back.

The tedious tagging work is made so much easier and more intuitive now with this program.

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