Movie Collector


Movie Collector

Offers a comparable palette of features for maintaining your DVD collection up to 50 DVDs for free.


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Pros & Cons:

Many features, classification by owned/loaned/wishlist, online sources (IMDB), UPC scan.
Restricted to 50 DVD's, customization could be better.

Our Review:

Movie Collector - Another contender offering a restricted but not expiring free version of their collection software is also offers several other cataloging applications like music, books, games, etc.

Though not as beautiful and customizable as DVDProfiler, Movie Collector offers a comparable palette of features for maintaining your DVD collection. The DVD data are entered in separate windows, with many data fields to be entered at your option. As in DVD Profiler, you can maintain DVDs that you own, that you loaned, that you ordered or that you just have on your wish list.

Entering DVD information can also be done automatically, accessing sources at, IMDB, Amazon and DVD Empire. You can search by movie title or UPC code.

If you are just looking for a basic tool to maintain a small collection, Movie Collector is well equipped to do so. is following a different concept with their free version: fully featured unlimited use up to 50 DVDs. This surely is a drawback when you reach that threshold, thus, even though Movie Collector offers a lot of features, it finishes last in this race.

Movie Collector was reviewed by on based on version 8.1.1 (3.4.6 Mac).