Mouse Only Keyboard


Mouse Only Keyboard

Offers protection against clipboard hooks


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Pros & Cons:

Works with all applications via Windows Clipboard. Quite easy to use.
4/10 for security. No password field protection or screen logger protection. Partial clipboard protection.

Our Review:

Mouse Only Keyboard (aka MOK) is an OSK that uses the clipboard to move MOK-generated passwords from other applications or web browsers, and offers protection against clipboard hooks.

I like how MOK offers all lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols on the screen at one time, and how it allows you to enter custom characters. However, I do acknowledge that some people may find the 'keyboard as a list' concept a little confusing.

From a security perspective, MOK transmits passwords via the Windows Clipboard, so it needs to be an effective anti-clipboard logger, but it only partially delivers in this regard. It does defeat clipboard loggers that use the hook technique, but it is ineffective against clipboard loggers that poll the clipboard for updates. In addition, the password field is vulnerable to 'field scraping' - the password can be captured from underneath the **** password hash.  I see these issues as quite serious flaws in MOK's design.

MOK does not offer any protection against mouse position loggers and screen loggers.

Mouse Only Keyboard Security Overview

  • Keylogger protection: Great - Keyboard not used
  • Clipboard logger protection: Partial - Common 1 of 2 capture methods
  • Screen logger protection: None
  • Password field protection: None
  • Overall Security score: Rating 4 of 10

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