More Nifty New Tricks in Windows 7


In the previous tip, I wrote about the new Windows 7 feature called “Aero Shake”. As promised, here are more "Aero" tips. This time it’s “Aero Snap”. Either mouse movements or keyboard shortcuts can be used to arrange and resize open windows on the desktop.

Using mouse movements to resize or arrange windows

Place your mouse pointer on the title bar of an open window and drag it to either side of the desktop. The window will snap to the side and occupy the corresponding half of the screen. You may have to drag the window nearly off the screen before it will snap to the side,

 If you drag a window to the top of the desktop, it will maximize the window. Drag it down and it will resume the previous size. To expand a window vertically only, place the mouse pointer on the top edge of a window until you get a double-headed arrow. Then drag the top edge of the window to the top of the desktop. Or, (as suggested by TwoHands) you can just double-click the resize cursor at either the top or bottom of the window to expand it vertically

Keyboard shortcuts to resize or arrange windows

Keyboard operations can also be used to achieve the same result as the mouse gestures.

  • To snap a window to the left side of the screen, use the keyboard combination Windows key + Left Arrow.
  • To snap to the right side, use Windows key + Right Arrow.
  • To maximize a window use Windows key + Up Arrow.
  • To resize window to full screen height without changing its width, use Shift + Windows key + Up Arrow.

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