More Free Books From Microsoft. Download Yours Now.


Microsoft ebooks imageMicrosoft has added some new titles to its collection of free books that you can download. The series, which has steadily been expanding for the past 4 years or so, now has hundreds of books available. The latest ones cover Windows 10, and include one by renowned journalist Ed Bott on the 10 most useful Windows 10 utilities.

You'll find links to the whole collection at and they're all downloadable for free in a variety of formats including PDF.










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Great find, cool stuff. Microsoft and free stuff? I lived to witness that miracle!

Why would you not want to upgrade? Win 10 IMHO technically is a good system.
The two main complaints can by now be alleviated with free software.
#1: Classic Shell will give you a very nice two column menu as we have come to expect.
#2: What many people, myself included call "spying" can be turned off with SD Anti Beacon. Admitted, you'd have to check after every update from MS if there is a new beacon in the system but with SD Anti Beacon that is only a few clicks. Don't forget, SDAB is free...

How "small" is your SSD really and how much free space do you have on the system drive? THAT is the question, IMHO at least.

Slightly off-topic, but Win 10 free offering will end soon. What is the consensus opinion(s) from the site authors and members of Windows 10? I am pretty happy with Win 7 Pro, but know that soon enough MS will stop supporting the platform. Should we be migrating to Win 10 or stay with what works? My system has the OS on a relatively small SSD with the storage and program files on the large D drive, so migration might be an issue.


Windows 10 has been great for me. So much so that I gave up on my plan to keep using Windows 7 and 8 on my other computers. Everything runs Windows 10 now. The main question I would ask you is how old is the computer and when are you likely to replace it? If it is only a couple of years old and you plan to keep it for another five years then an upgrade now could save you the cost of Windows 10. If you will replace your computer in the next few years, getting one with a new version of Windows, then I'd wait for that new computer to get me the latest version of Windows.

MS say they will support Windows 7 until 2020. Perhaps they will extend it after that (as they did with WinXP). Whether you want to change of course depends on a lot of things. Personally, I'll stay on Windows 7 as long as possible (perhaps if or when it becomes necessary to buy a new computer), or perhaps choose Linux instead.

Thank you toktok. I have long considered Linux, but have hesitated because I need some MS Office programs. Now that they can run in a separate setup on a Linux system, I will consider when a new system is warranted. Anyone else want to weigh in on Windows 10?