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Moon+ Reader

An excellent ebook reader with a neat and clean user interface


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free eBook Reader for Android

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Neat and clean user interface, highly customizable, visual and control options, bookmark, highlight, annotation, dictionary, share, backup and share, sync reading positions across devices, online ebook libraries.
Ads supported in the free version, doesn't read pdf files.

Our Review:

Moon+ Reader is an excellent ebook reader with a neat and clean user interface, complete with rich features and useful controls for you to read ebooks comfortably on your mobile devices.

It's highly customizable to suit your preferences. Other than tapping the one-touch day/night mode, you can fine-tune the screen brightness to suit your eyes by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen. In visual options, you can set font type, size and color, page flip animation and save your settings as a theme. In control options, you can change key press and multi-touch gestures to your liking too.

Other features include: bookmark, highlight, annotation, dictionary, share, online backup and restore - via Dropbox - and sync reading positions between phones and tablets.

Beside reading books saved in your Android, you can also search and get thousands of ebooks for free with this app which supports online ebook libraries.

This app can read various ebook formats including ePub, txt, html, chm, fb2, umd, zip or OPDS. On the downside, it doesn't support pdf files and has ads in the free version.

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I don't know whether this is a recent development, but Moon+ Reader DOES read PDF files, and it makes an excellent job of this.

My work involves regularly consulting a hefty PDF file that consists of several pages of indexes followed by several hundred pages of guidelines.

Moon+ Reader allows me to touch an item within the index, which then takes me directly to the page I want. There is an non-intrusive back button, which I can use to get quickly back to the index if required. Moon+ Reader also enables me to easily bookmark pages that I frequently visit and it also provides a separate clickable index of the various sub-sections of my guidelines. I can therefore navigate my way around my unwieldy tome with astonishing ease.

The advertising is minimal and only appears during background tasks. It does not appear on pages that you are reading.

Having tried all of the other readers mentioned above I found that Moon+ Reader best suited to my particular needs. I would not wish other people to miss out on trying this excellent app in the belief that it doesn't handle PDF files.