Money Plus Sunset Deluxe


Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

A replacement of Premium, Deluxe and Essentials versions of Money Plus from Microsoft


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Pros & Cons:

Fully-featured and easy-to-use; secured login; accounts and plannings, import and export; reporting and printing; backup, repair and restore; extensive help file.
A sunset version, no more online services, self-help online support only. One user account at a time.

Our Review:

Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is an excellent fully-featured finance program, which is very easy to use and allows for customization of toolbar display buttons.

The application offers users a wide range of services, including multiple accounts, bill payments, budget planning and report generation in numerous formats and options. It allows you to import data in QIF and OFX formats, convert Quicken (QDB, QDT, QDF) files and export to QIF files.

It also offers security options, data archival, backup, repair and restore functions. In addition, there is an extensive local help file within the program to assist users in learning how to use all of its capabilities and features.

It's an excellent program. However, the program is limited to one user account at a time. It is a sunset version and therefore no longer being developed or supported by Microsoft. Effective from 2011, all online services ceased to exist.

The application is now preconfigured with no online services, like no online quotes, no bill payment, no statement downloads initiated by Money and no data sync with MSN Money online services.

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