MixZing used to have some interesting features albeit with intrusive advertising. Now, the advertising has stopped... but so have some of the most interesting features.


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Ads)

Pros & Cons:

Simple but feature-rich interface; tag editor; excellent equalizer; very customizeable.
Recommendations and most online features don't work anymore.


MixZing was a very well-made music player... with one exception: the horrendously intrusive advertising. Yes, the kind where where all you wanted to do is listen to a song quickly - and it shoves a video ad down your throat, which you can't skip or anything, before you can even listen to that one track. Now, the advertising has stopped - I'm assuming because the app has been abandonned - but so have many of the key features, such as the recommendations system and the music information.

Our Review:

MixZing still has a decent amount of features, now that the services seem to have stopped, but doesn't have anything to make it stand out in the crowd anymore.

The app's design is fairly simple. The songs, artists, albums and genres sections are as expected. Also, when you choose an artist or a genre, you can choose what to see - albums, songs, or artists. Playlist management is decent, and there's an auto-playlist: recently added. There is also a file browser built in to find your media. Search functionality is available as well.

You can also do quite a few things with your songs. You can set a song as your phone's ringtone, but most importantly, you can manage your library from this app - you can edit a song's tags and delete songs. You use to be able to get all sorts of information - a biography or the artist and song lyrics, as well as wikipedia, youtube, and google results - but that doesn't seem to be working anymore.

The equalizer in this app is one of the best I've seen - you can set how smooth it should be, and also apply the equalizer settings to certain songs and certain albums.

Recommendations are something that only this app had, but they don't work anymore, so I won't bother getting into it. Too bad...

It now also has the Shoutcast online radio service, and you can get personalized station recommendations. A search function is missing, though. All in all, WinAmp is much better for this.

There are also many settings, from customizing the app, to recommendations and music controls.

The app doesn't run in the background when it's not needed, but when music is playing, it takes up about 7MB RAM, which is pretty good.

Overall, it's a decent app that has a decent set of features, and that is easy to use, however, the fact that most of the unique features don't work anymore make it so that it isn't really that much of a noteworthy app anymore.

MixZing was reviewed by on based on version 4.4.1.