Mix Your Own Soundtrack To Work To


Noisli sound tracksWhen you're trying to work or concentrate, listening to certain sounds rather than music can help. Perhaps you're the sort of person who prefers the sound of a forest or stream, or a river, or a coffee shop, or a storm. Or perhaps the gentle rattle of a train going over the tracks.

Or maybe you'd like a combination of all of those, plus more too.

If so, then check out Noisli at www.noisli.com. It's a web-based platform from which you can select and listen to loads of different relaxing sounds, and you can even mix your own. Perhaps you'd like a strong sound of flowing water, with just a hint of coffee-shop? Not a problem. Just adjust the sliders to suit your preferences, then sit back and listen. Or get on with your work without feeling so restless.

Because it's web-based, you need nothing more than a browser and some speakers. Or a smartphone with some headphones.

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For a real trippy online sound generator, try mynoise (dot) net. Lots of things to try, most free (if he has the bandwidth). The Tibetan Choir is the coolest.
Thanks to Jupiter Broadcasting showing this, on this week's Linux Unplugged podcast.