Microsoft Visual Studio Now Free For Non-Commercial Use!


If you like programming, one of the major frustrations with Windows has always been the cost of obtaining development tools.  While there are admittedly many companies offering products at good value, the "gold standard" in this area has always been Microsoft, and their products are expensive.  Visual Studio 2013, for example, which is the ultimate development suite containing everything you need in order to write Windows programs, retails for upwards of $500.

Until now, at least.  

Microsoft has now announced Visual Studio Community 2013.  It's pretty much a full copy of Visual Studio, as available in the shops for $500 or so.  You can use it to create programs for Windows, Android and iOS.  The deal is that it's available for use by individuals, non-profit companies, and teams of fewer than 5 developers.  Which pretty much means every amateur programmer on the planet.

This is great news.  So if you want your copy of Visual Studio 2013 Community, just head to and download it.

Before you start downloading, though, be aware that while the initial downloader is only 1 MB, it will then subsequently download up to 9,000 MB (yup, 9 GB) of files to your computer.  SO if you're on a low monthly download limit with your internet provider, it could cost you if you're not careful.  If you think this might be the case, check out the precise terms of your internet agreement, as you may find that all downloads are unlimited during night time hours. 




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So if you download the VS Community, you have the studio express for web, for windows etc?

Here are the differences between the "Community" and "Express" editions in case anyone is curious:

Also, more information here:

I'm curious though, why is it so large when "Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate" is roughly 3.5GB and "Visual Studio 2013 Premium" is about 2.8GB?

definitely download the iso from Anupam's link, then using one of the free programs that has a virtual cd, mount the full iso and install. Took me about 10 minutes to download the iso vs hours letting m/s's installer do it using the slower boat via china.

michael clyde

Glad you found it useful. I too prefer offline installers, specially for big setups, and this was a pretty big one.. I don't know why they even provide an online installer for such a big download. Offline installers can be saved and used later at convenience, which is a big plus. It also helps in installation on other computers. BTW, just 10 minutes to download a 6 GB file? Whoa, you must be on some ultra fast connection.

Not as fast as it will be. TWC just increased our
internet speed five fold (x5) FOR FREE. I was @ 20 megabits/2.5 megabytes now I'm @100 megabits/12.5 megabytes with a $10 option to jump to 200Mb's or to 300Mb's for $20. I've got gigabit nic's but a 100/base router so I'm topped out for now. I use to dream about be able to afford the 50megabit package. Ha.

thanks again for the link,
michael clyde

Wow... those are just dream speeds for me, even your lowest available one :D.

"A: Here’s how individual developers can use Visual Studio Community:
Any individual developer can use Visual Studio Community to create their own free or paid apps."

So, apparently free for individual commercial paid apps too !!

Thanks for posting !!!!

Thanks for this very welcome news. I immediately installed it. This is a great product which is only getting better with improving cross-platform support for Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
Indeed. Though be aware that the offline installer is 6.9 GB and is an ISO file, so you'll need something like a double-layer DVD in order to burn it. Or a program that can mount ISO images directly from your hard disk, in order to extract the files.
Yes, good points. Shame that it's really a big download... too big to be written on a single layered DVD.

Must be a way to write this to USB as many folks already do that for Linux ISO images.