Microsoft Releases More Free Books


Free ebook imageMicrosoft has continued to expand the MVA, or the Microsoft Virtual Academy, with the recent addition of some new books. These are full-length books, published by Microsoft Press, on "serious" IT topics such as SQL Server, cloud, Azure, Windows 10, and much more besides.

They're all downloadable for free in PDF format, or even in Mobi format so that you can read them on your Kindle. Or in the Kindle app if you have a device for which one is available.

You'll find the most recent list, with download links, at


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Another MS is evil? Is it necessary here? Really? Have a thought of your own please!
Thanks for the info Rob

Experience has shown that providing original thoughts to people with their head buried in the sand is usually pointless.

It's always nice to be able to get info from the source.
Thanks for the update Rob.

Unless of course, the source has a well documented history of deceiving and attempting to manipulate the public.

Thanks Rob!
Very interesting link.