Microsoft Hyperlapse


Microsoft Hyperlapse

A smart technology to turn a long video into a few seconds of footage for enjoyment and ease of sharing.


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Intuitive user interface, smooth and stabilized timelapses, save as a project file in the desktop app.
Cannot timelapse or slow down different portions of the same clip, an end credit is added to videos.

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Microsoft Hyperlapse is a new technology that allows you to create smooth and stabilized timelapse videos without resorting to bulky tripods and expensive equipment.

This technology is built into a mobile app called Hyperlapse Mobile and a desktop app Hyperlapse Pro.

The mobile version has a simple and intuitive user interface, making it very easy and straightforward to use with your device camera. With this mobile app, you can capture or import a video, hyperlapse it at different speed rates from 1 to 32 times, and save your result in an HD resolution of 720p or 1080p on supported devices.

The desktop app is a trial copy with full features except that, similar to the mobile version, it does not allow you to disable an end credit added to your videos.

Other than the speed controls from 1 to 25 times, the desktop version has more choices including camera options, standard or advanced smoothing, multiple resolutions, framerate selections and hardware acceleration. You can also save your edits in a project file before exporting to mp4.

Both mobile and desktop apps let you trim videos but regrettably none of them allow you to timelapse or slow down different portions of the same clip at time of this review.


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Following the instructions for the desktop app in the article takes one to a Microsoft Forum. Clicking on the "submit a request" takes one to a feedback form asking for an e-mail address and a text box for feedback. After the form is submitted, nothing happened.

EDIT. Licence key arrived as an e-mail. Product activated with no problems.

It worked for me. I put my email address in the form and in the "feedback" field I asked about removing the watermark. I got an instant auto-reply email from Microsoft "thanking me for my request". Then about three hours later I got an email with the license key from Microsoft..