Microsoft Expression Web 4 and Expression Design 4 now Free


Expression Web 4 dates back to 2010, but it is quite useful for designing and developing web pages using many tools: for example, XML, CSS or ASP.NET. It used to cost about $150 but now it is free here as it is the last version.


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cyguyjg: I can see where you are coming from. Yes when you download the free version it contains in the name the word trial. However once you install it you will find it contains nothing about a trial or a limited offer. I checked on the Microsoft website here and found nothing about it being a limited offer. I would recommend that the editor for web design software look at this offer as for anyone who is getting started in advanced Web design this is comparable to dreamweaver and both easier to learn and use.
cyguyjg: It is there twice, one is a trial and the other is the free version. GP23: Thanks for the share.

Regardless of which one I click on, the file name states Trial. Did they pull it?

Microsoft WebMatrix is also free.

It downloads as a "Trial". Does that mean it expires?

It shouldn't expire. It's definitely free. The official line is at: