Make music tagging more user-friendly with workspaces


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Pros & Cons:

Configurable workspaces, tagging from scripts, filename and online database. Search for cover and lyrics, etc.
Supports for one cover art per file, searching tags from Database found not stable.

Our Review:

MetatOGGer introduces workspaces to make tagging more user-friendly. The workspaces can be configured, saved and re-loaded.

The program features a collapsible left panel for viewing or editing tags and cover art of a selected file. Another collapsible panel is placed to the right to search for cover arts or retrieve tags from the Database.

Other than tagging from scripts and filenames, tagging from the acoustic fingerprint is supported and found to be quite accurate. Lyrics can be optionally added to the tag if retrieved from successfully. It supports mp3, ogg, flac, speex, musepack, wma, wav and ape.

On the downside, the editor only supports for one cover art per file and its searching tags from the Database is found not quite stable.

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