Metalogic Finance Explorer


Metalogic Finance Explorer

An easy-to-use personal finance software with realtime online updates


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Pros & Cons:

Fully featured, easy-to-use; automatic importing of bank financial data; downloading of stock market data; print displayed budget data.
Skimpy local help file, lacking in guidance.

Our Review:

Metalogic Finance Explorer is a fully featured and straightforward personal finance program, which is easy to use even without benefit of extensive online/local help files. The application has two primary advantages over many other programs:

  • Allows for automatic downloading of financial data from banks;
  • Accepts importing of financial data from all sources and formats via the Open Financial Exchange (OFE) protocol.

In addition, the program allows users to import stock market data and to print out their displayed financial data.

However, there is a very skimpy local help file within the program, but there is a relatively more extensive help file online. Hence, the user must play around with the features to learn how to fully use them.

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