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Support rich content including emoji, stickers, audio, videos and pictures, smart reply, preview links, group chats, messages for web, etc.
Chat features on supported carriers only, no end-to-end encryption.

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Messages by Google is a native messaging app built for Android operating system. It is mostly preinstalled or otherwise can be separately downloaded on Android devices.

After pausing investment in Allo, Google has been adding new chat features to the Messages app based on the Rich Communications Services (RCS) protocol while working with carriers for wide adoption of RCS.

While using the app, just select a contact, press a Plus button, you then have a choice of sending emoji, stickers, GIF, audio and video messages or share your favorite pictures. In addition, you can also share a contact or a location directly from the app.

Other useful features built into the app include Google's smart reply, preview links and copy one-time passwords with one tap.

With your smartphone turned on, you can also send and receive messages from your computer using Messages for web, which works similarly to WhatsApp for web.

The chat features based on RCS are using your Wi-Fi or data network on supported carriers. If your carrier does not support RCS, you will get old-fashioned SMS and MMS messages even though this app comes with these upgraded features.

Adding to this restriction, Messages does not provide end-to-end encryption, like WhatsApp does.


Google stops supporting Allo to focus on Messages

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