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Meridian Player

Meridian is a decent, if not too pretty or simple, music and video player, with some oddities


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"Writers" section (aka composers); tag and album art editing; (supposed) support for 5-star rating system with filtering options; equalizer
slightly confusing interface; no easy way to turn off equalizer


Meridian Player is an interesting music - and video player. While the interface isn't the nicest or simplest available, it generally works, and has a decent range of features. It also supports the 5-star rating system not supported by all that many apps on Android, although at least for me, it doesn't work properly.

Our Review:

Meridian Player plays music and videos. In this review, I will be covering the music section. It has a suprising amount of funcionality for an app of this type, and enough to make it a decent music player. Oh, and it has ratings. More on that later.

As to my previous note about Meridian needing the phone permission: that has finally been resolved, as Meridian now only requires the IMEI when you buy the pro version - and since we're reviewing the free version here, we'll let other sites bash them for their ignorance of Google's guidelines. The bottom line: As long as you're using the free version we're reviewing here, you don't need to worry about the phone permission; Meridian doesn't need it anymore.

The interface is a little confusing at first, but you get used to it. It also isn't the most elegant interface, either, but it's not ugly, either - just really outdated (I think the style dates back to the Android 1.x days). The artists, songs, albums, and genres sections work as expected - and it also has a "writers" section, probably better known as "composers" on many desktop programs. Playlist management used to be decent, but seems to be broken now - I can't see any of the tracks I added to a playlist, and I don't know why. The now playing list is called "Now Music", but otherwise it's fine. The now playing screen works as expected.

It also has quite a few interesting features. It has tag editing, along with album art editing. It also supports the 5-star rating system. You can filter your music according to it - for instance, you can only show songs that have a 4 star rating or higher. The only odd thing is it doesn't seem to read the ratings that some of my music files definitely already do have. It also has a decent equalizer, except the on/off switch is not very easy to access.

This app seems to take a little over 15MB RAM when running in the background, which is decently good. It doesn't seem to run in the background when not needed. Another thing that is slightly disappointing is that there are no playback controls in the notification, even though I have the "rich notification" enabled in the settings.

Overall, this app is pretty interesting, but still rough around the edges. It's one of these apps which is frustrating simply because of the potential it holds but which isn't used.

Meridian Player was reviewed by on based on version 5.0.8.