Provides a lot more information than the Windows memory tester, with a small download


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Pros & Cons:

Comprehensive memory testing; can be run from floppy, CD or USB, smaller download than MemTest86.
The console (character-based) interface is simple but is best suited for advanced users.

Our Review:

Memtest86+ is very similar to Memtest86 (with their names differ by one character, the plus sign "+") as MemTest86+ is based upon MemTest86. The screenshot of Memtest86+ also looks very similar to that of Memtest86.

MemTest86+ has the advantage of a smaller download but MemTest86 has more options. Overall, I prefer MemTest86 but wouldn't go out of my way to get it if I already has MemTest86+.

Memtest86+ also provides a lot more information than the Windows memory tester; the CPU, socket and memory model are displayed. You can schedule the tests on more than one CPU core, and you can choose to run individual tests instead of the entire suite.

Similar to Memtest86, this program is also regularly updated, well supported, keep up with the latest hardware, and is included on third-party diagnostic and recovery disks. It has 64-bit CPU modes, can test memory above 4GB, and support UEFI firmware.

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