Provides a lot more information than the Windows memory tester, with more options


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Comprehensive memory testing, can be run from floppy, CD or USB; has more test options than MemTest86+; graphical interface when your system uses UEFI.
Limited console (character-based) interface when your system has a BIOS. It is simple but is better suited for advanced users.

Our Review:

Memtest86 is a stand-alone utility that runs from boot media such as a USB stick, floppy disk, or optical disk (CD, DVD, BD). This means that it doesn't have to be compatible with the operating system. As the name suggests it is compatible with all 32-bit x86 computers and it is compatible with the 64-bit (x64) systems as well.

The tool is all aimed at more advanced users. It is relatively simple to use but beginners may have trouble transferring the programs to bootable media like USB sticks and CDs.

The utility provides a lot more information than the Windows memory tester; the CPU, socket and memory model are displayed. You can schedule the tests on more than one CPU core, and you can choose to run individual tests instead of the entire suite.

The program is also regularly updated, well supported, keep up with the latest hardware, and is included on third-party diagnostic and recovery disks. It has 64-bit CPU modes, can test memory above 4GB, and support UEFI firmware.

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