Memory Usage Troubleshooter Gets An Update

RAM Map, from Microsoft's "sysinternals" tools division, received an update earlier this month.  If you don't already use this tool, it's worth adding to your arsenal.  And if you're already a fan, it's definitely worth ensuring that you have the most recent release.
RAM Map shows you what's using your PC's memory.   This is useful because, if you can help to ensure that RAM isn't overly used, you can speed up the normal operations of your PC.  So by finding clues as to which programs are the greatest memory hoggers, you can perhaps consider removing those programs and finding an alternative.
It's also a great way to explore how Windows works, and all the components and programs which are clearly operating in the background all the time that you're using the computer.
RAM Map is at and is a free download of around 1 MB.  The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  It's portable, so very quick to get up and running.

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Thanks Rob.
I have in my tool box many of the MS Sysinternal portable programs. Most of then first class.
But I have never heard of RAM Map!
I am downloading it right now.