A great music player for synced and unsynced lyrics.


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Play synced and unsynced lyrics from your files with fantastic features.
No editing on lyrics.


This great music player for lyrics works well with synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics saved on your mobile device.

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Yes, this app is named "Medoly" and not "Melody". Medoly lets you listen to music and get local lyrics played back in sync with the music.

Besides reading album art and other metadata, this excellent app retrieves synced or unsynced lyrics embedded in music files. For lyrics that are not embedded, it searches and matches your music with the lyrics files saved in lrc, kra or txt format in a folder you assigned.

Not many music players support embedded synced lyrics, but Medoly does so well with fantastic features.

It allows you to customize the lyrics layout, font size and color. If you dislike the default lyrics colors, adjust them to your liking for the background color, lyrics shadow color as well as played, playing and unplayed lyrics color.

Lyrics are auto scrolled by default and a sync offset can be applied for adjusting timestamps in synced lyrics.

Using Medoly is easy and intuitive. It has a magnifier to search your local music files and add them to the playlist. The homepage has three tabs: a Queue tab to work with playlists; a View tab to read and customize lyrics; and a Property tab to check details of music files, such as the title, artist, album, album art, bitrate, synced or unsynced lyrics, character encoding and more.

All in all, it is a great music player to keep for enjoying synced or unsynced lyrics when listening to songs.

As a side note, if you need to edit and embed synced and unsynced lyrics in mp3 files, try MusicBee Built-in Tag Editor, the Editor's Choice at Gizmo's Freeware, or the Lyrics Editor built in MiniLyrics.


Medoly - A great music player for synced and unsynced lyrics

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