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Small footprint, fast, true cloud sync across devices, split screen view, custom skins, cloud push, cloud download, resource sniffer, dual engine (but only useful for compatibility).
Inadequate tab functions. The core is still lagging some technologies of bigger browsers.

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Maxthon was released in 2003 as MyIE. In 2010 Maxthon started the move to being a multi-platform browser first with Android and later with Apple OS X and iOS versions. Maxthon is multi-engine defaulting to WebKit (called Ultra) and using Trident (called Retro) as needed. There is a setting to always use Ultra but Retro modem, which is very slow and limited, can still be engaged on any web page by clicking on the lightning icon to the right of the address.

Why Maxthon? This browser is light and fast with a lot of features that don't bloat the browser's performance. Many features that are add-ons or extensions with the other browsers are developed as part of the browser, so they are better integrated. Maxthon also has some distinctive features like the split screen view. With this feature two tabs can be viewed side by side. The interface has semi transparent skins that blends the edges of the interface so they aren't distracting making the web page being viewed the star of attention.

Maxthon's claim to fame is cloud syncing between devices. Create a free account with Maxthon and take advantage of it's many features to share data between a computer and cell phone or tablet. The tabs viewed on the PC can be viewed on a cell phone or tablet. Files can be downloaded to the cloud to share between devices. The Cloud Push feature will send a web page to another device. Using the share with friends a web page can be pushed to others via e-mail.

Other built in features include Resource Sniffer which downloads video, music and pictures from the web page. Like downloading YouTube videos? You don't need a third party utility with Maxthon, you can do it from the browser with Resource Sniffer. Maxthon has many features, but one of my favorites is Night Mode. The browser will change to colors that are more suitable for night viewing. Choose the default or customize from a palate of colors. Night Mode also has an automated feature that lets you set the time of day or night you want modes to automatically switch.

Whether you use the cloud to share information between devices or simply want a browser packed full of usable features that won't slow the browser performance, Maxthon is worth checking out.

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