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Wikiwand transforms Wikipedia pages into colorful, easy to read pages. It improves speed and functionality and works on Firefox, Safari and Chrome (browser extensions/add-ons) and has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Wikipedia has been around for a long while, and though it works very well, it could be easier to use. Wikiwand adds a beautiful interface while adding features that optimize Wikipedia's content, improve grouping and make navigation easier.

The first thing you notice is less clutter, large cover photos, bigger photos inside articles, and an improved navigation bar. The navigation bar has the same functionality as Wikipedia but has some really useful additions. The fixed table of contents (useful for scrolling) highlights the section you're in so you always know where in the article you are and provides easy navigation to each section. The preview of links on hover is very well done, showing a pop up description and image (if available).

The default configuration has a clean layout with great typography, larger photos, an improved media gallery and easier article narration and playback. Customizable options include changing the layout, the font type (serif or san serif), font size, a light or dark background, text justification and a choice between a rich or minimal layout.

Whether Wikiwand is installed on a browser or mobile app it replaces links to Wikipedia articles with links to the same article on Wikiwand. It becomes the default interface and will open automatically when you visit a Wikipedia page. You can always read the article on Wikipedia by clicking on the Wikiwand. Use the search box to look up topics on Wikipedia and it will appear in Wikiwand. Wikiwand wouldn't display the Portal:Current events in Wikiwand, it displayed the Wikipedia page. The equivalent page in Wikiwand that seems to have the same content is the Wikiwand Latest News page.

Wikiwand -Wikipedia Modernized

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