A Major Update For This Free Online Shareable Whiteboard


Just over a year ago, I wrote about a web system launch called Stormboard which enables you to create an electronic whiteboard of sticky notes. Recently, Stormboard has undergone a major overhaul and now looks better than ever. 

You can paste notes, sketches, photos and videos to your wall, which you can access from anywhere that has a web browser.  Ideal for keeping track of ideas, perhaps, or planning complex documents.  And you can share your wall, and collaborate with up to 4 other people, over the internet for free.  (You'll have to pay if you want to allow more than 5 people to collaborate).

Stormboard v2 is at www.stormboard.com and is definitely something to look at if you want a graphical web-based organizer, regardless of whether or not you need to collaborate with others.  And you can create as many walls as you like, so there's no excuse for not keeping all your ideas and plans organized now.




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