Magic Formation


Magic Formation

A circular dock launcher appears anywhere you like on the desktop.


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Appears anywhere you like on the desktop, just draw a circle by mouse.
No ability to distinguish between different pages of icons.

Our Review:

Another excellent choice is Magic Formation (thank you Anonymous reader!). It sits somewhere between panels and docks in function but is included here in the Docks subcategory of program launchers because it's visually more dock-like than panel-ish. It doesn't require installation (although I have yet to check if its truly portable).

Its default behaviour is to display a circle of icons around a colourful centre circle when a circle gesture is performed with the mouse anywhere on the desktop. This means it's there when you want it and not when you don't. (Although as I use a graphics tablet rather than a mouse, I occasionally find I get it by accident!)

New icons can be added by dragging them to the centre circle. Documents can be dragged to application icons too. By default, the circle of icons contains shortcuts to favourites, My Documents, the desktop, My Computer, the command prompt, calc.exe, notepad.exe, mspaint.exe and the volume control, but any or all of these can be modified.

The program allows the selection of any one of up to 25 pages of icons. If I had to choose a launcher of this type to use, this one would definitely be my choice.

Magic Formation is a real grower, and has already notched up a Lifehacker recommendation. Congratulations! Both Magic Formation and RocketDock are winners.

Magic Formation was reviewed by on based on version 0.981e.