LogMeIn Users Get Ignition App For Free


If you use the LogMeIn web site (www.logmein.com) to gain remote access to your PC, and especially if you use the free service rather than paying for a premium account, this will be of interest to you.

One of the useful features in LogMeIn is the ability to create a desktop shortcut on the "home" computer which, when clicked, will log you into the "remote" machine without having to go through the initial process of logging into the LogMeIn system.  However, this desktop shortcut feature is about to be removed from the free version of LogMeIn, and only made available to those who pay for the premium service.

In compensation for the loss, users of the free service can currently download a copy of LogMeIn Ignition free of charge. The program normally costs around $40, so it's a nice gesture.  Unlike the web-based service, Ignition is a self-contained desktop client app which doesn't require a web browser, and offers single-click access to any of the remote computers in your LogMeIn account.

So if you have a free LogMeIn account, now is the time to log into it.  You'll then be presented with a link to the free download.  There is no news about how long this offer will hang around for, so don't delay.




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