Listen To Music Online For Free At These 20 Websites


These 20 sites let you listen to music online, for free. There's quite a variety of sites here, from the better known sites like Spotify, SoundCloud and to less well known sites with music, news, and local or global radio stations just waiting to be discovered. There are site descriptions for each site, including ads (if any) and geographic availability. One thing I really like is that mobile apps for iOS and Android have their own links so you can go right to them from your mobile device.

20 Websites to Listen to Music for Free

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Great list! I would add SomaFM. 25 channels featuring good electronic music, as well as underground/alternative. Also commercial-free and listener-supported. Free on both PC and iOS, although the Android app is not free. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, as they say.

2 out of 3 is fine, good websites need to stay afloat somehow, keep a little money coming in to pay the bills. :)

Most of those I've had bookmarked for some time. A few others worth mentioning include Songza, Jango, Streema and AccuRadio. I miss Grooveshark and Live365 which are now defunk.

Songza has been gone for quite a while now. They were rolled into google music.

Yeah, I don't like da funk either.