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toggle-button forest sounds is a growing collection of recordings of forest sounds from around the world. 

People around the world recorded the sounds of their forests as part of the Sounds of the Forest sound map. currently has 39 forest sounds to browse and enjoy. Some are quiet, some full of birds and wildlife or water sounds, some with some human touches. 

The recordings vary in length but are usually brief, from under 30 seconds to around three minutes and repeat automatically. Some have audio effects (slowing down the speed of the forest) and the occasional human generated noise such as footsteps or the microphone being jostled.

Click the ‘Listen to a Random Forest’ button to be transported to a forest somewhere in the world. Push Play to listen, and hovering over the Next Random Forest button displays the location of the current forest and a button to take you to next random forest. The images on the page of each forest are taken from free stock photo site Unsplash. 

The Sounds of the Forest sound map is collecting the sounds of woodlands and forests from all around the world, creating a growing soundmap bringing together aural tones and textures from the world’s woodlands. 
Visit the site to browse forests by geographic location around the globe and click the icon to listen. You may find a forest sound that’s not in the right place of the map, for example there’s a Portugal forest off the eastern coast of the USA. 

Both and the Sounds of the Forest sound map are a great way to unwind, listen to forest habitat around the world or take a little time out of a hectic day. 

(via The Verge)

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"The recordings vary in length but are usually brief, from under 30 seconds to around three minutes" making it, IMHO, completely useless.

I enjoyed listening to several of the forest sounds since they loop/repeat. It's pleasant background sound. Some were distinct enough that the repeating sounds bothered me a bit. If your ear picks up repetitive patterns easily the site may not appeal to you. As Sturgeon General mentions, you may enjoy my Noise, and there are many good collections of nature sounds on YouTube.

These recordings vary in length as you describe, but 'loop'. They are meant to be a soothing background (white) noise for relaxation rather than a full length movie. You may be more interested in an earlier posting also by Rhiannon from back in June...
Here you find quite possibly the best sound generator period. I had my doubt to begin with, but this is the one!! You will not need any others after this one.
Thank you Rhiannon!!!

You're welcome. I prefer my Noise to other sites like You have to create an accout there and the sounds on the the free plan are limited. I agree, my Noise is hands down the best noise generating site I've come across, paid or free.