Has all the features and does everything you'd expect a link checker to do.


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Does everything you'd expect a link checker to do, including capturing the parent page where each broken link was found. Recursion depth is adjustable. Can be run from the command line. Works with local or online file sets. Easy to read summary results for each link checked.
Not much content in the help file (but the user interface and results readout are both straightforward).

Our Review:

LinkChecker has all the features I ever wanted in a link check program, and more. Most importantly, it provides the parent URL, which makes it easy to go directly to the file/page where a broken link is located to fix it. Easy to read summary results for each link checked. The page title, info, warning, and result (404/303/etc.) response from the server are also presented. It's easy to set the recursion depth (how many sub-folders get checked).

LinkChecker can also be used from the command line. There is a powerful set of command-line options that can also be used to edit a personal configuration file for LinkChecker. You should be able to tailor a scan to meet just about any check you can imagine.

Update: Thanks to commenter Hank Friedman for pointing to LinkChecker, which quickly rose to the top of this category. I had been looking for something less cryptic than Xenu's Link Sleuth for years.

LinkChecker was reviewed by on based on version 9.3.