An excellent editor with features for basic users


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License: Free (Last free version)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Digital Image Editor - Basic

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Very attractive, simple and straight-forward to use; Excellent help specific to adjustments; Before and after view; Presets for adjustments Opens Raw files.
Could do with more easy presets adjustments e.g. to improve focus; Free version has some features of the paid version grayed out; No PNG support; Bug in Windows 64-bit; No longer updated.

Our Review:

LightBox Free image editor is an excellent editor for basic users. It has lots of specific help and tutorials that will assist a beginner. It automatically saves files with "_edited" appended to the filename which is good protection for beginners.

It also has a lot of features that will keep the average user happy including simple tools to correct red-eye, sharpen, crop, re-size, add borders, and Raw file processing.. The attractive user interface is simple and straight forward with most features using intuitive slide-bar adjustments. My favourite feature, which most editors don't have, is the split screen view so you can compare your images before and after the adjustments you have made.

There are some annoying issues: the highlight box around Auto balance examples is grey rather than a highlight; printing is usable but is rudimentary and sometimes does not pick the printer page size correctly. The biggest issue is that the program is not being updated, just like Photo! Editor. But at least LightBox Free image editor has an assured upgrade path to the more fully-featured paid version.

The product website is no longer active but the last free version is still available from some third party download sites.

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