LibreOffice 7 Released: New Look, Several Improvements


LibreOffice 7

LibreOffice, a free alternative to Microsoft Office, has released version 7 with a new look and some significant improvements.

LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite that is compatible with other major office suites, and is available on all operating systems. The new release has several improvements in appearance and compatibility.

What’s new:
· New icon theme Sakapura (the default on macOS)
· LibreOffice 7's DOCX is now saved in native 2013/2016/2019 mode, instead of 2007 compatibility mode.
· New shapes galleries: arrows, diagrams, icons and effects
· New accessibility check tool
· Support for Open Document Foundation (ODF)
· Navigator is easier to use and has more context menu entries
· Semi-transparent text is now supported
· PDFs larger than 500 cm can now be generated
· XLSX sheet names with more than 31 characters are also now supported

For a complete list of improvements see the Release Notes.

If you haven’t used LibreOffice and are looking for an Office alternative that’s free and isn’t based in the cloud, LibreOffice is a good choice.

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I've been using LibreOffice since Jan 2020 and was pretty satisfied until version 7. I downloaded it into a 6 month old ASUS Vivo Book S15 8GB RAM Windows 10 2004, but it would not install. It seemed to destroy some windows files as well which caused me to have to do a clean install of Win 10. I then re-installed LibreOffice version 6.4 which works fine. I am not planning on retrying version 7 any time soon, unless I try it in sandbox for testing first.

That's not a good experience with the new version, I'm sorry it gave you so much trouble. I've had issues with 6.4 where it took over some file associations but that's an easy fix.

After upgrading LibreOffice 6.4.6 to 7.0.0 last week, it was disappointing to find that graphics of documents in the recently-opend pane of Writer were no longer displayed, and that the color pallet had become darker (the two most obvious differences that I encountered).

Since the updated compatibility is not a current benefit for my own needs, I rolled back to 6.4.6 (requiring uninstalling 7.0.0).

No harm, no foul - but I do hope that those two relatively minor issues are addressed in a future update ('guess I'll have to make a post in their thread).

Otherwise, L.O. remains an awesome application (particularly for a Windows user for whom the last version of MS Office that was even merely acceptable was 7).

Oh definitely go with what version works best for you. There's some software I won't upgrade for the same reasons - functionality changes.

LibreOffice is certainly an outstanding piece of programming work, by hundreds of dedicated volunteers.
However, I don't use it, because it's still missing some basic things. For instance: when I'm using Writer in a 30 page document and want to go to the next page, the Page Down key should get me there. In LibreOffice, it shows part of the current page and part of the next page.
When I go back and forth several pages, I am lost, having no idea where I am. In Microsoft Word, Page Down means exactly that. Simple is good.

The comments in the LibreOffice forum defending the current system are not helpful. Things like "it's a word processor" -- meaning it's not a page processor, so don't expect it to display pages. This feature has been requested for many years, but it's clearly not important to the folks in charge.

Yep there are things that don't work well or work the way they do in Office. Bugs don't get fixed for quite some time. Features take a long time to be implemented. When you have a volunteer staff things don't get done on the same time schedule that paid software enjoys. I put in many hours a week here and still don't have enough time to get things done that need doing, either here or in my personal life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


THANKS!! This might be what I've been looking for, for a long time.

You're very welcome. This release is a nice improvement.

Yes it is working correct now for me (also in Firefox).
I did forget to mention that when I hovered over your previous link, it appeared to show the correct link, but took me to the other site.
Funny you got an error page and I got the other site.
Well, all done now.

Your link leads me to

It took me a bit to see the difference between your link and the actual link - your link has "" before the beta news link: - real link - your link

Thanks for the heads up, I changed the link. It was working yesterday, but the betanews browser tab read https. The tab has the article title today. The link resolved to a search error page in Firefox today..