Legacy Family Tree Standard


Legacy Family Tree Standard

It is easy to use, flexible and has plenty of capabilities.


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License: Free (Limited features)
Categories: Home & Family, Genealogy
Tags: family-tree

Pros & Cons:

Easy to use and flexible; supports family, pedigree and index views; easy navigation; attach photos and documents; strong report generator and create good looking web pages.
No support for same sex couples; support multiple names but not searchable; only ASCII character encoding is supported; nagging message.

Our Review:

Legacy Family Tree Standard is fairly easy to use, flexible and has plenty of capabilities. The free version supports family, pedigree and index views. Easily navigate to younger or older generations simply by clicking on the individuals. Clicking on Events icon displays all of the events for an individual.

You can attach photos or any other type of document. The source templates are well structured. The location field is unstructured but the Master Location List can help keep the locations consistent. The merge feature for people, places, sources, repositories, etc. is easy to use. You can select specific individuals, families and entire family lines for export or reports by placing them in a Focus Group.

Strong report generator supports many general report types including citation and to do lists. Legacy can print narrative book style reports using generic sentence templates, and create stunning graphical charts, ancestor, descendant, fan, hourglass, and bow tie charts. You cannot save some reports to RTF (Rich Text Format); however, text format (ASCII) is supported. Saving reports to PDF format is not supported.

The program provides Internet Search links and a To Do List, creates good looking web pages and supports photos and CSS.

Same sex couples are not supported either as parents or marriage. Polygamous and sequential multiple marriages and incestuous relationships are supported. Multiple parental relationships such as including adoptive parents or guardians are supported. It supports multiple names but not searchable.

Only ASCII character encoding is supported.

Many menu items when selected display a nagging message that the feature is available only in the Deluxe Edition. Greying out and disabling the unavailable options would have been less obtrusive.

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