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Inspired by the sub-reddit "Today I Learned", this website serves up well researched and uncommon facts with in depth information.

"Today I Found Out" answers odd questions and presents facts on topics that are thoroughly researched, well presented and delivered via the website, the daily or weekly newsletter, podcasts, and a YouTube video series. This isn't a site that presents brief but interesting facts or items of interest. The articles here are fairly long and usually contain quite a bit of background in addition to the facts. Articles and facts fall into broad categories like animals, entertainment, history, language, people, science, myths and misconceptions, and more.

Some of the recent articles ask and answer questions such as "What’s It Like Being an Extra in a Film or TV Show and How Do You Get the Gig?", "What Does Being Shot Actually Feel Like?", "Why Doesn’t the United States Use the Metric System?", "Has Anyone Ever Really Inherited Millions from a Random Person They’ve Never Heard Of?" and "Would Eating My Own Limbs Help Me Survive If I Was Trapped With No Food".

This site takes a deeper dive into the answers and facts than most other fact of the day sites. If you have a little extra time and are interested in the answers to some unusual questions and enjoy unusual facts you'll like the site, whether you get the newsletter or watch YouTube video series. The podcasts are less frequent than the newsletter or YouTube series. Though the site says there's a daily interesting fact, looking at publication dates shows more sporadic publication. I subscribed to the newsletter for a time, then unsubscribed since the daily delivery of long articles was more than I had time to read. The newsletter, either the daily "Daily Knowledge" (Monday through Friday) or the Weekly Wrap are the better options for more frequent articles.

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I have been receiving the emails for years. I highly recommend subscribing. If you are too busy to read them all then just delete until you see one where you just can't resist looking. Each article also has related links at the bottom. You will be tempted to follow some on them as well. BTW, the author responded quickly when I had a suggestion/question about the site. rhiannon, I am you got the word out. They deserve the publicity and I think most GF readers will enjoy TIFO.

I agree, the newsletters are terrific.

Been getting newsletters from Today I Found Out for years and love them...so many fun/interesting tidbits of info, some science, some about animals, some where sayings we use now come from, some background info movies/tv info, etc. Thanx for getting this out rhiannon...

You're welcome. They have such a wide variety of interesting topics.