Learn to Tie Hundreds of Knots the Easy Way at This Animated Site


Image of various rope knots

This site has hundreds of animated knots making learning to tie a knot for any occasion easy and fun.

Some sites that have been mentioned here before are worth mentioning again, and this site on how to tie knots falls into that category. Animated Knots by Grog is the premier site on the web to learn how to tie knots. Watch knots tie themselves step by step showing just the essential steps, or watch frame by frame. Watch knots being tied from the right side of the frame or the left side of the frame. View the knots being tied from the top or the bottom of the screen.

There are hundreds of knots on the site, for any activity. Need to tie a necktie? There are five different knots for that.
You can view knots by activity or knots by type, or all the knots in one place. There's even a Knot of the Day page.

Knots listed by activity are arborist, boating, climbing, decorative, fishing, horse & farm, household, neckties, scouting, search & rescue, and surgical.
Knots listed by type are basics, bends, end loops, hitches, mats, mid loops, quick release, slide & grip, splicing and stoppers.

Sections on knot and rope safety, knot and rope terminology, rope properties, rope materials, and references round out the site. The section on which rope to use is brief but useful. The knots used in the animations are listed though they were chosen to photograph well, not for function.

I was tying down items in the back of my truck yesterday when I realized I had forgotten the knot I learned at Grog's to tie down loads, so I visited the site to refresh my memory. If you need to look up a type of knot or browse knots used for all kinds of things, this is the site to visit. Some knots are shown in more than one category so you'll see them repeated in all the areas they are used in. Animated Knots by Grog has a mobile app for Android and iOS, but they are paid apps.

Animated Knots by Grog

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I've always liked knots and this site is really good. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for the correct knot for the situation. THANKS for the link!!

I'm happy you like it, I've been using the site for years and it keeps improving. If I can follow how to make the knots I'm guessing most anyone else could too. :)

Thank you for the link. But I'm all tied up at the moment.
Seriously, these should be useful. I still keep a Scout manual.

All tied up in knots? :)

I'm glad you like it.