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If you run a web site, or even just a low-key blog or Youtube channel, you'll probably have heard of SEO.  It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and involves making sure that your site gets recognised by leading search engines in order that it shows up near the top of the list when someone searches for the type of information that you're offering.
While there are plenty of marketing companies out there who will happily charge you many thousands of dollars in order to help you achieve top-class SEO, there are also some great software tools that can help you do it for almost nothing.
One program that I've been playing with recently is called Rapid SEO Tool, and you'll find it at http://www.rapidseotool.com/ if you want to try it.  It's a 6 MB download, run happily under Windows 10, and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  Although it costs money, you can run it up to 30 times for free, which is sufficient to get a good understanding of what it does.
Rapid SEO Tool lets you type in the address of your web site, and then the address of a similar site (eg, one of your competitors).  It then compares a number of key SEO-related figures and stats, in order to show you which site scores best and why that is the case.  So if you want some quick easy-to-implement tips on how to increase the findability of your own site, have a play with Rapid SEO Tool.

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I loaded this program and tested it on the free version. I would say that based on that overall its poor although it does have some interesting info. The first problem is it works only on google.com (USA) to anyone where they use a regional google e.g. New Zealand, UK, etc its useless. I am not sure what the demographics are of the readers here but I am sure a large percentage would be in this group. The next problem is it does not have history. SEO works over time which needs to be measured. I cannot do that with this one. Then I did not like that it has only three competitors and five keywords. Even on small sites you need more than that. Then I did not like the reporting, which is primitive. Also look at a free version of traffic travis, which I think is better than this one.

I would second crosseyedlemon's implicit doubt and caution.

Me too. SEO is the equivalent of "speed up your computer" software. In other words, yes it is possible but 90% of what's available is a con. We've invested a lot of effort here trying to understand what Google needs to optimize our traffic. Occasionally there is an identifiable cause such as when they change their algorithms, but often we can see no good reason why traffic should be going up or down. Fertile ground therefore for SEO artists. :) I would at least want to have contact with previous clients able to testify to an improvement before shelling out for any paid service. MC - Site Manager.

Well I have to be devil's advocate here and point out that the global ranking for rapidseotool.com is 1,149,271 according to Alexa analytics....so I'm wondering how effective they can actually be in improving traffic for other websites when their own traffic seems to be very limited.


Thank you.

It looks good Rob, thanks I will give it a shot. I use rank tracker now, some points that I think anyone planning to use such software should be warned is firstly you need a VPN with a lot of different IP addresses as running as with these types of programs Google and Yahoo search will quickly see that you are a robot and stop supplying you with search results for 24 hours to that IP. With a VPN, if this happens you can change location and proceed. Another point to watch is that regularly the search engines change and so stop working with these programs and your software needs an update to work for that engine. If its say google your software is useless till you get the update. So although they say you do not need a maintenance agreement, it will not work for long without one even though it was sold as unlimited and not requiring a maintenance contract. Last point, I do not know about this one but I have not found the support at rank tracker much good.