An open-source and cross-platform launcher that's simple to understand, configure, use and extend.


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Pros & Cons:

Simple and fast, cross-platform.
Some glitches since version 2.

Our Review:

Launchy is currently the top product in the keyword search class. The current stable release is version 2.5.

It is simple to understand, simple to configure, simple to use, simple to extend, unintrusive and open source. It has a really small memory footprint too.

With Launchy you can not only launch applications but also -- using the same keyword philosophy -- launch your preferred media player with a specific MP3 file; invoke your preferred desktop search tool while entering a search term of your choice; or have your preferred browser open on a specific bookmark or page from the history. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Some users have reported some stability problems but Launchy has an enthusiastic user base and, because it doesn't need you to organise it or your system before you can get anything out of it, is well worth a try, particularly on busier systems.

Launchy was reviewed by on based on version 2.5.