A note taking software suppports rich text formatting, images and works across platforms


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Outliner

Pros & Cons:

Rich text formatting, take screenshots and store images.
Searching by tags not supported, no print option, lack of online syncing.

Our Review:

KeepNote works as an outliner and keep notes or other content in a simple hierarchy of folders as well. In each notebook, you can create folders and pages, as well as sub-folders and sub-pages, and you can re-organize them easily by drag-and-drop. In each page, rich text formatting including colored fonts, bullet point lists and hyperlinks are supported.

As an added advantage, not only can you store images, you can also directly insert a screenshot you take with this application into an opened note.

KeepNote auto saves your files in xml format and allows you to archive and restore your notes from your storage device. No print option is available in the application.

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