An open-source and cross-platform password manager works without any limitations


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Open source, works without any limitations, has a plugin for Internet Explorer that allows automatic web form filling.
Not well integrated into other browsers.

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The open source program KeePass is my personal favorite and serves as an alternative to other password managers for me. It's not nearly as well integrated into your browser as RoboForm, but it's a very good product that works without any limitations at all.

There's also an excellent KeePass plug-in for Internet Explorer that automates web form filling. You can simply drag and drop saved information to password prompts or web forms. Alternatively, you can use the powerful auto-type functionality that allows you to define a sequence of key presses, which KeePass can automatically perform when a global hotkey is pressed – perfect for email logins or entering program serial numbers.

KeePass runs in Windows and it has also been ported to run on other platforms, such as KeePassDroid for Android, iKeePass for iOS devices, etc. Links to all supported packages can be found on the KeePass downloads page.

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I would like to use a password manager that allows me to create my own fields. "Free Password Manager" from Soft-o ( seems to have what I'm looking for. Has anyone used or evaluated this program? I would feel safer about loading my private data into it if I knew it was open source. Otherwise, how do I know the publisher isn't accessing my data through a hidden upload process running in the background. Am I paranoid? Should I be? :)

I don't think you are paranoid at all!
Passwords still are way too important, sadly but it is what it is.
The more eyes can and do see the source code of a password manager the better, IMHO at least.