Keep A Constant Eye On Your LAN


If you have a computer network at home or in the office, keeping a constant watch on its performance can be useful, educational, or just plain fun.  

So if you fancy being a network manager, check out a great free program called Windows Health Monitor.   It automatically monitors up to 10 computers, which can be Windows workstations (XP and above) or servers (2003 or 2008).  Just supply a valid username and password for each one, and configuration is complete.

There's a choice of 2 views.  The dials show the current stats for a chosen machine, including CPU loading, hard disk space, free memory, and so on.  The dashboard view shows the 3 machines which are closest to being in need of your attention.

Windows Health Monitor is free, and a 2.5 MB download.  It's also fully malware- and virus-free, according to VirusTotal.  You can download it from




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