Keep A Constant Eye On Your LAN

If you have a computer network at home or in the office, keeping a constant watch on its performance can be useful, educational, or just plain fun.  

So if you fancy being a network manager, check out a great free program called Windows Health Monitor.   It automatically monitors up to 10 computers, which can be Windows workstations (XP and above) or servers (2003 or 2008).  Just supply a valid username and password for each one, and configuration is complete.

There's a choice of 2 views.  The dials show the current stats for a chosen machine, including CPU loading, hard disk space, free memory, and so on.  The dashboard view shows the 3 machines which are closest to being in need of your attention.

Windows Health Monitor is free, and a 2.5 MB download.  It's also fully malware- and virus-free, according to VirusTotal.  You can download it from




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by Roger the Dodger (not verified) on 15. March 2012 - 12:30  (90649)

When I installed all I got was a nice piece of spyware / spamming programme called SweetIm! What is wrong with people that they can't be honest and declare upfront what they are doing. We accept that software writers prefer to get paid, but please tell us what you plan to install! Incidentally, the actual programme I was hoping to install didn't install at all!

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