Keep All Your Notes, With All My Notes


All My NotesAll My Notes is a Windows program for keeping track of, well, all your notes. It makes a great PIM (Personal Information Manager), and is available in a variety of versions. The free one, however, is perfectly usable and includes unlimited notes and folders in order for you to manage all your snippets.

Everything gets stored in a single database file, so it's easy to locate, manage and backup your data. It has built-in encryption too (even in the free version), so no one can recover your data. And unlike programs such as OneNote and EverNote, which like to upload all your private data to the cloud in the interests of collaboration and ease of access, everything in All My Notes stays on your PC only. Which might not be as modern, but it's way more secure.

You'll find All My Notes at and it's a 4 MB download. It's malware-free according to both VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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AllMyNotes has a very pretty GUI, and an outstanding search feature, but it has drawbacks from my point of view. (1) I'm a keyboard person and AllMyNotes is a mouse user's program. The author doesn't believe in hotkeys, so there aren't any. There aren't even (last time I looked, on a previous version) accelerator keys on the menus. (2) You can't clip something directly from a browser to AllMyNotes, as you can with some note keepers. You can go through the clipboard, which adds extra Alt+Tabbing and kerfuffle. The author's recommended work around is to use Click.To, a separate program by another company. That would mean installing and running another program that I don't need for anything else, not ideal. Also, Click.To doesn't seem to have a portable version, which makes AllMyNotes less portable for this use, and Click.To has gone payware (used to be free). (3) AllMyNotes *appears* to work solely in memory. That makes it very fast, and it should be able to contain enough data for almost anybody's realistic personal use, but would make me hesitate to recommend it for heavy-duty applications in business.

Tomboy does it for me. It came with my Ubuntu, works on Windows too they say.

I have not tried the latest (mine is 2015), but I am fairly confident that it has the same failing (from my perspective) as my copy.
I have written to the author, but he has no intention of changing this problem (from my perspective)
High level notes (the top one) should be like any sub note - You should be able to place your text and images on the right.
Instead it shows child folder images on the right.
I believe that we should be allowed to have the tree on the left, with even the top note (when it has children) behaving like any other note, in the right side pane