Just How Much Personal Data Could Facebook Gather About You?


Data SelfieWe're always being told to be careful about the information we share on social media, because it could be used by criminals or advertisers. But just how much information do we potentially make available about ourselves, simply by browsing a web site? Is there really enough to prove useful to a cybercriminal or to someone who wants to know our in-depth shopping behaviours?

That's what a couple of researchers wondered. So they came up with a program called Data Selfie. It's an extension for Chrome which, whenever you use Facebook, monitors everything you do. And how long you do it for. So it knows which friends' posts interest you most, and which companies' pages you spend time looking at. And loads more besides.

The results, shown on a really nice looking dashboard screen, are purely for your benefit. The gathered data doesn't go to the app's developers and it doesn't go to Facebook either. But it does illustrate very well that social media companies could, and probably do, accumulate massive amounts of personal data. Enough to revolutionise the way we live, communicate, and buy.

Data Selfie is free, and is at https://dataselfie.it. It currently only works with Chrome, and only monitors Facebook. There are plans for a Firefox version.

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I deleted my FB account back in October of last year. I have not missed it at all. I also have set Privacy Badger to block all facebook based trackers.

The scope for misuse of this information is limitless.

Stage 1: Grab every bit of information from a customer. Get them to agree to a Privacy Agreement which allows big company to mine your data

Stage 2: Change the middle paragraph from the said 25 paragraph Privacy Agreement, to allow some of your de-identified data to be linked to you personally "for certain uses"

Stage 3: Use personal information, such as Medical history, and store personal identified data in a company database

Stage 4: Anonymous hacker accesses this database, and sells the information to the highest bidder

Stage 5: Identity theft

What I really want to know, is which websites and software programs (?including Windows 10) also do keylogging to record what you have typed

"Buy", being the operative word.

It's called social engineering & it's designed, & now run, by the greedy in order to influence & fleece the rest. Sickening what's become of the internet's potential, at the hands of manipulative sociopaths....Didn't help that a monopoly began at it's infancy.