A programmer's text editor written in Jaya with extensible plugin architecture and a huge array of features


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Programming Editor

Pros & Cons:

Cross platforms, tabs and syntax highlighting, diff utility, FTP browser, macro language, block select and more.
A bit of a heavyweight, slower start-up.

Our Review:

If you are mainly concerned about text editing power and not concerned about startup time, try jEdit, a programmer's text editor which provides a huge array of features, especially if the users include the plugin library.

It has all basic features like tabs and syntax highlighting for over 130 languages. Its advanced features include a diff utility, an FTP browser, a powerful macro language, block select, and more.

A bit of a heavyweight, yes, but you can't beat the power. Like gedit, this program is cross platforms and runs on Linux, Windows and Mac.

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