Interested In Security? Try The Parrot.


Parrot Linux OSIf you're interested in IT security then you might have heard of Kali. It's a Linux distribution that comes pre-installed with hundreds of free security-related programs. Everything from scanning your network to cracking wifi passwords.

The trouble with Kali is that it isn't particularly user-friendly and, frankly, it actually doesn't look very pretty at all. You can add themes and skins if you want, but it can be tricky.

Parrot is another Linux distro that's designed for security people. It also has hundreds of free programs built in, as well as a full Libre Office suite so you can do normal work as well as experiment with the security of your network. And like Kali, you can install it in a virtual machine using something like VirtualBox or VMware Player, so you don't have to wipe your main computer.

The Parrot download is around 3.5 GB and you'll find it at if you want to try it. You can even burn the downloaded file to a CD or DVD and then boot it in Live mode.

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