Instant Links To Hundreds Of Useful Web Sites, On A Single Page


Has anyone ever asked you the question "what is the web, exactly?".  Or have you ever sat down for an evening's surfing, and wondered how best to find some interesting new sites to visit?

If so, then here's a web site that you really must visit.  It's a very simple concept.  It contains categorised lists of hundreds of top web sites, all ready for you to click onto.  Categories include email, video, maps, search, weather, shopping, travel and more.  About 3 times more than fits in the screen shot that I've included below.

The home page, with all the links, is at  It's free, and you don't need to sign up.  Additional features include weekly charts of everyone's favourite favourites, so you can see which sites have proved the most popular with users.

If you wish, you can customise the list and rearrange things to your own preferences.  This involves signing up for an account, but these are totally free.

Make the best of the web.  Check out



My thanks to reader Richard Lawrence for telling me about this really useful site.




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