Improve Your XCOM 2 Experience


Improve Your XCOM 2 Experience

Important: It is much easier to ensure that all mod dependencies are met if using the Alternate Mod Launcher available at  Additionally for those so inclined it is also much easier to edit the config files of mods that have them.

Also important:  Add the XCOM 2 WOTC version of the Community Highlander mod.  Many of the mods below depend on it.

1.  Additional Mission Types Redux - This mod has no dependencies and adds several new missions to the game that often make use of resistance fighters.  Some of the missions add reinforcements which may increase game difficulty, how much depends a lot on what other enemy mods are installed.

2. Bio Division 2.0 - One dependency, reward deck refresher.  This mod adds several new enemies, a new facility mission variant, new research and new items.  The biozerker, in particular, is tougher than many regular XCOM 2 enemies.  This mod does increase the difficulty of the game. 

3. Children of the King 2.0 - No dependencies.  Adds four mini-rulers to the game and new viper variants.  This mod makes the game more difficult, especially if choosing the setting at the beginning of the game that does not integrate War of the Chosen content.  This means the rulers will show up randomly on regular missions from the start which can make timed missions especially, more difficult.

4.  Coilguns for WOTC, Long War Laser Pack, Long War SMG Pack and RW Better Coil Laser Plasma Weapon Integration.  These mods combined add two more tiers of weapons to the game. 

5. Even More Robots - No dependencies.  This mod adds several robotic enemies to the game as well as some mission variants using them.  This mod does increase the difficulty of the game.  The Sectopod Annihilator, in particular, is a very dangerous enemy.

6. Gene Mods - In order to have access to all gene mods Mitzruti's Perk Pack is needed.  This mod adds functionality to the infirmary allowing the gene modding of soldiers.  The gene mods make it possible to better adapt soldiers to their chosen roles.

7. Mechatronic Warfare - This is a redesign of the MEC class from Shen's Last Gift and requires the mod New Promotion Screen by Default.  Once at higher rank these MEC units are quite powerful.  If using the integrated option prior to the start of play a mission will be required to get access to MECs otherwise it is possible to get access to them by research alone.  These units are very good at shredding enemy armor.

8. Proficiency Classes with Proficiency Class Reaper and Proficiency Class Skirmisher Plugins.  This mod requires the New Promotion Screen by Default and LW2 Secondary Weapons.  This interesting group of classes are adapted well to the roles that the soldiers serve.  The reaper does not have the ability to trigger explosives but does have much greater ability to go into and out of concealment making the reaper a more effective fighter.  Many of the skirmishers abilities become more powerful if the skirmisher is active in combat.

9. Psionics Ex Machina - This mod aims to make the psionics less overpowered than in the standard War of the Chosen game.  Any soldier can use psionic abilities but must use a psi-amp in place of a secondary weapon to do so.  This mod adds a new psionic facility that replaces the old one, several new PCSs, gems that attach to psi-amps, and a new resource, meld.  It also makes the many lost corpses useful in the campaign.

10. Raider Factions - The following raider factions add useful loot to the game.  Chaos Insurgency, Global Occult Coalition and SCP Foundation Mobile Task Forces.  The last faction, SCP Foundation Mobile Task Forces, adds several different squad types that can show up as a faction like the lost.  Raider factions can make missions easier or harder; it depends on how things go on the mission.  If Advent sees them first the mission will be easier.  If the mission is timed it may be harder.

11. The Hive and The Hive More - These mods combine to add new technology, new items, new enemies, a new ruler and new mission variants.  Out of all the mods in this list this one increases difficulty the most.  The Hive Queen, in particular, is a very dangerous enemy that is heavily armored, regenerates health quickly and has a lot of hit points.  She also summons reinforcements often which can be very problematic on timed missions.

12. Soldier Development - This mod takes away the increases in statistics and ranks of soldiers by covert action.  Ability increases are wholly dependent on what soldiers do in combat.  This mod makes the game harder in the sense that promotions are slower than they would be if promotions by covert actions were available.  It is much harder to avoid the Chosen attack on the Avenger if using this mod.

13. Mission Mania - This mod doubles the missions in the game which does make it harder since more soldiers are going to be needed and the A team can not take as high a percentage of the missions.

Additional note: If the computer you use to play XCOM 2 does not exceed the specifications for the game the mods that call in reinforcements may cause pauses in the game.  This is true for Children of the King 2.0, More Robots and especially The Hive and The Hive More. 

14. A Better Barracks Arsenal for LWOTC - Adds 63 weapons, one rare PCS, configurations for Iridar's Weapon Skin Replacer, Bayonets and Underbarrel Weapons.  and many new abilities.

15. Augments - Gives XCOM the ability to improve soldiers with mechanical augments.   Gravely wounded soldiers may require an augment before being able to fully heal.  There is an option to also allow gene mods on soldiers with augments; the default is that gene mods and augments are not compatible.

16. The MOCX Intiative - This mod adds three unique missions, MOCX soldiers which are similar in abilities to XCOM, a new sitrep and some new items for research and production.  This mod definitely increases difficulty, how much depends on what other enemy mods are being used.  This mod is compatible with LWOTC but since LWOTC adds a lot more enemies and reinforcements to missions MOCX is then an even more significant jump in difficulty.

17. Proficiency Class Plugin: Resistance Leader: Jane Kelly - Adds a new class, resistance officer intelligence class.


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