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With Google recently rolling out an expanded right click menu and these extensions, Gmail just became more versatile and easier to use.

Google's recently rolled out an improved right click menu that adds some useful features to the Inbox, some of which could only be used within an email. The new additions are Reply, Reply All, Forward, Move, Move to, Label as, search for emails by subject or sender, and having multiple emails open in multiple new windows at the same time. Some features depend on whether Conversation mode is on or off.

The How To Geek rounded up some of their favorite extensions that aren't well know but are great additions. There are seven extensions and the How-To Geek article has complete descriptions of each one. All are available through the Chrome Web Store.

FlowCrypt adds simple end-to-end encryption to secure email and attachments by adding a Secure Compose button to Gmail and G Suite. Firefox and Android versions are here.

Discoverly looks up unknown email addresses and displays information about the person from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Key Rocket helps you learn keyboard shortcuts in Gmail with subtle notifications. If there's a keyboard shortcut you could have used while you're working, KeyRocket lets you know.

Sorted is a skin for Gmail that lets you create columns for tasks or to-do lists, you can drag and drop emails into each column to prioritize and sort email.

PixelBlock blocks email trackers that let senders know you've opened and read their email. It displays a notification if it detects tracking attempts in an email.

Checker Plus for Gmail
Checker Plus for Gmail manages multiple Gmail accounts and labels. Get notifications, read, listen to or delete emails without opening Gmail. Firefox users can get it here.

Digify is an attachment manager that notifies you when your email attachments are opened, printed or forwarded. You can also "self-destruct" or "unsend" files even after a file has reached the recipient's inbox.

Get more on what each of these extensions does at this How-To Geek article.

How-To Geek: The Best Chrome Extensions for Making Gmail Better

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Helpful article, thanks. In the interests of full disclosure, I think it should be noted that Google's right-click menu is only available to G Suite paying members.

Thanks for your comment. :) My understanding is that it was initially rolled out to G Suite users with Rapid Release domains on 11 February. The rollout to all end users started 22 February was scheduled to be available to all users 1-3 days later. Given the time frame from the end user rollout to my mentioning it here, I'm pretty sure that almost all individual Gmail accounts have had the context menu features enabled. They were available on my individual Gmail accounts right click menu before I wrote the article. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That's a pretty common practice for Google, features meant for all accounts will be rolled out first to G Suite accounts and then propagated to all end users.

Thanks. I stand corrected.

(When I tried this on my non-G Suite account earlier today, the options were not available. After just checking again, I see they now are.)

I appreciate your comment, I'm lucky that all of you give me a heads up when I've missed something. It's appreciated. :)